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Welcome to Beyond The Mirror: A Dancer's Podcast. Hosted by Marissa Staniec, this podcast dives into the issues and struggles dancers face in the world today. Not everyone has access to big city life but, in this podcast, she brings that community to you. Each episode she speaks to industry professionals discussing the topic at hand. What better way to hear from the best of the best in the dance world than hear it from professional dancers themselves. From topics that range from college to auditions, to how to survive in the big city, this podcast gives a genuine conversation about the reality of dance and the world we live in. Take yourself out of the studio and let's go Beyond The Mirror. You can follow Marissa on Twitter at @MrissaXtineDanc or like the Beyond the Mirror's Facebook page. Enjoy!

Jul 17, 2018

I’ve often heard that dancers make the best people. Dancers are some of the hardest working people in the world. The dedication and determination it takes to be a professional dancer is incredible. When a dancer decides to take that discipline to the next level and become pro, he or she has to find a way to survive, how to pay your bills, take regular class, audition, get to the gym, call your Mom and just make it work! Learning to juggle it all and still succeed is the ultimate goal. On today’s episode, we’re talking to two different dancers who’ve chosen different ways to make it work. They’ve found different ways to support themselves while still being involved in the dance world. Let’s go Beyond the Mirror, in Episode 3: The Hustle.